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862-283-0113  |  Netcong, NJ  |  njphotofun@gmail.com


About Us

We are a family run company! My Dad and I share a passion for putting smiles on our clients. As a Rutgers Business student, being able to manage and run NJ Photo Fun is an incredible experience!

Mission Statement

"Our mission is to capture the moment, while our customers focus on living in it"

  • Provide the photo-booth experience, not a service.

  • Offer competitively priced packages without sacrificing quality

  • Provide our customers with a lifetime a memories

Why we started...

They say if you want something done right, you need to do it yourself! Time and time again, my dad and I would run into other sub-par photo-booth vendors. One booth would run too slow. Another booth would be made out of pipes and curtains. Some booths weren't automated and some did not have props. We set out with specific goals in mind, to offer an aesthetically pleasing photo-booth that is hassle-free and easy for customers to book!

What Separates Us...

You should not need to spend over a thousand dollars for a mediocre photo-booth rental. For us here at NJ Photo Fun, we believe in creating an experience for you and your guests. We take pride in providing our customers with long lastings memories at an affordable price.